Time to hit this baby off.

Plans just dont turn out as you want them to sometimes.. Originally i wanted to use this setup of wordpress to just share stuff.. Well, as time is not your best friend at all times, I have not written many sentences here..

Almost 6 months from when i put it up i have what, 2 posts now?

Things at work are going well, and i am planning a vacation this summer with my girlfriend to actually go to visit some family that i apparently have in Kraków/Poland.

I will also try to renovate the kitchen at the same time. Before we leave off for vacation i will remove everything from the kitchen, and demolish some walls and remove some wardrobes in the hallway.. then i will have a painter spackel and paint the walls and the roof.. I will put new spotlights in the hallway and the kitchen, so a new roof has to be installed..

well, i’ll get back with some more information when i know what i will do completely..

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