MySQL User Conference 2009

Thought i will update you guys a bit about MySQL UC this year.

As you may already know i will be holding a session together with Anders Karlsson from MySQL/SUN about MySQL HA. We will walk through different solutions and mention pros and cons of them. I will also present how we solved the HA situation at bwin games ab.

Those of you who still have not booked their tickets and entry to MySQL UC, i have a surprise for you! Book your entry now and use this promotion code “mys09fsp” and you will get 20% off your total cost! Isn’t that awesome? Just enter the code at the signup/booking page and you will receive the discount.

Looking forward to see you guys at MySQL UC in Santa Clara. Write me a email if you are going and we’ll try to hook up. Probably there will be a “nordic night” as last year. If you are from around the Nordic/Scandinavian region, make sure to join us. We’ll probaly be going out and eat something nice and just talk random stuff.

So, what should you do now if you didn’t already do it? Go to and register for this years MySQL User Conference in Santa Clara / California.


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