Day three of MySQL UC 2009

Day three has been started and already half of it passed. I did not post any entries during the other days, because i wanted to have time to digest all the information that you get fed here. A lot of new ideas and a lot of new questions has been raised. I enjoyed a lot of the Keynotes that has been held, including this morning. 

For thise that has been checking this blog on ocasions have seen that i was supposed to speak today at 11.55am. Said and done, my presentation together with Anders Karlsson from MySQL/Sun went under way at that time. The session was actually pretty crowded considering it was just before lunch time.

This was my first presentation ever, so the first minutes were a bit nervous. I will be posting the presentation files here, and you are welcome to mail me if you have any questions or want to talk about ideas that you have. Maybe i can help to shed some light about issues you are facing, or if you just are hesitant with some choice. When it comes to performance, we/I have tried pretty much everything out there; hardware and software.

If you attended the session, i would like to thank you for your attention and wish you happy HAing. 😉

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