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Just a quick update and information on the drive failure issue in the drobo.

As you read before – After extensive testing, I realized that the drive was faulty. I created a RMA with WDC and called them since I was requested to send in my faulty drive at my expense. I got the answer – Yes, you need to pay for shipping. So I packed the drive, but just before I sent it off, I emailed Customer support at WDC.

After some days of email conversation the outcome is: The drive was DOA (Dead On Arrival) which qualifies for WDC paid shipping. However since I did not install the drive right away (took a week) and did extensive testing to make sure the drive was broken before I ship it out – They will not pay shipping. Why? Because you have 10 days to get back to them in case the drive was DOA. If you don’t, then you pay the shipping.

So, if an exchanged drive is showing any signs of failure. Don’t bother with testing it to make sure. Just contact WDC right away and have them instruct you on what you should do. If your initial report is within 10 days of receiving the drive you are safe no matter how extensive testing you will have to do after the initial contact.

Oh, by the way: I am not complaining about WDC. Their rules are their rules. Just to bad I did not know anything about this and did not get informed about this when I received the drive in question. The WDC customer support have been helpful, and I understand that the agent that has been in touch with me can’t stretch the case further. Her managers said no, and that’s it for her. It’s my own fault that I did not act sooner. This post is purely informational.

Just my five cents worth of..

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