Why to not fly RyanAir.

I guess it’s time for me to be negative about something..
I am quite a frequent flyer. I usually select a star alliance flight when flying anywhere, because of my star alliance status that gives me quite a lot of benefits.
Every now and then, I try a different airline, just to compare. Recently I flew with RyanAir. Normally I would let one miss-happening go, but the outrageously bad customer service I received during my going and back trip can not be left uncommented.

RyanAir’s attitude when something has gone wrong and they are to blame is: We could not care less about you and your travels.

To make the story as short as possible, I will not include any smaller complains that I have.
I take a cab to Stansted from London pretty early in the morning to make my flight. Stansted express would only leave me with an hour or so if I would catch the first train. Keep in mind that a Taxi to stansted is pretty expensive, so any savings you think you are making flying Ryanair, you are paying the taxi driver.
Well at Stansted, the lines are enormous. I have a little less than 2 hours to catch a my flight, but after standing in line for 40 minutes, I walk up the the counter to ask what I should do as my gate closes in 50 minutes? The chap behind the counter tells me to stand in line. If I get as close as 10 minutes before gate closure, I should check in my bag at the end of the far end of the counters. Apparently there is a express check-in there. I think it sounds strange to do it that close to gate closure, so I walk to the express check-in at once. After standing in line for 10 minutes, I approach the man behind the counter in the express check-in. I tell him that my gate closes in 40 minutes, and that I am worried about my bag making it. He responds that I am too late, and that I can’t check-in my bag. Whow, wait a minute I respond. I tell him what his colleague says, and point him out (7-8 counters away), but I get the response back that rules are rules and that he can’t change them. So I tell him again, that if he told me to stand in line another 30 minutes, and come here even closer to gate closure, there is no way I could have checked in my bag, and that he needs to sort the situation out. I am not at fault here. The response is that I am at fault. I should know the rules, and I should not trust Ryanair personnel as it is my responsibility to follow the rules, and not theirs to point them out. He gives me the option to throw away my bag (!) or try to check it in at the gate and pay extra. I explain that I already paid to have my bag checked in, and you guys messed it up. Should I now pay again because you messed up? He tells me that is the only way if I want to board the plane and have my bag with me.
Well at the gate, I explain the whole thing, but they don’t care -Sir, if you want your bag and want to fly on this aircraft, you need to check it in and pay the associated fees.
There is just no way to reason with these people, and they don’t care who’s fault it is. They want your money, and they want it yesterday. Think again before flying Ryanair. They might seem cheap at first, but mistakes made by them – You pay for.

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