Oracle.. And so it begins..

Oracle sues Google over Android and Java

Ever since Oracle announced the acquisition of Sun Microsystems, I have been thinking somthing like this would happen. Oracle is not exactly known for contributing to the Open Source community, even if they claim they are committed to helping and enhancing it. It feels like their ultimate goal is to close source everything. I can’t understand the nature of such an organization. Isn’t shared knowledge, more knowledge? We all want to evolve, and what better way than not inventing the wheel over and over again. Soon Oracle will want you to pay a license fee for every execution of your java application (per processor) 🙂

I am dreading what they will do with MySQL when they get there.. Same licensing model as Oracle DB? 🙂

Just had to comment on this, as I think it is ridiculous and def. not adding anything to the community.

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