iPhone time zone issue – Resolved

So, ever since I got my iPhone 4, i have had issues where my calendar have been showing and alerting me about my appointments one hour ahead.

I could enter an appointment today at 5pm on my phone, choosing to alert 30 minutes ahead of the appointment – The result would be that the phone would alert me at 3:30pm instead of 4:30pm. Even though it showed the correct time in the calendar on the phone.

On a side note, both MobileMe and our company’s Exchange would save the appointment at 4pm. Now, this has to do with my timezone settings. I was playing around with that, but no real change.. It was always displaying one hour wrong from what I entered. Also, if i entered an appointment the right time in any of the above calendars, the iPhone calendar would show one hour in advance.Phone screenshot-tz

I booked an appointment at the genius bar at apple, and they were as stunned as me.. But playing around in the phone together we found a second time zone setting in: Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendar called Time Zone Support. Apparently, if you want time zones to work when you travel (to have your appointments at the right time where you are located), you have to turn Time Zone Support OFF! (?). This will change the appointments to the time you are when you move between time zones.

I guess I might not be the only one with these issues.. So sharing.. 🙂

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