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Concluded the MySQL UC (called the O’Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo nowadays).. There was a lot of interesting stuff going on, and was great to get a refresher.. It was also a useful “see how others do it” exercise.

Something that come to mind is the new threads added in InnoDB. To bad they show up first in 5.6.2+. We would have needed them now.. 🙂 But isn’t that always the case? We are facing the trouble of grooming a table from loads of historical data. It’s running InnoDB, so we all know it’s kinda expensive to do massive deletes from it. Especially if you’re not doing it on your PK. We were debating how to setup a groomer job on a table like this, and no matter how we do it, the only feasible way is to delete by PK. Massive data deletes will still cause for performance degradation when the pages become to dirty. This has of course changed in the new additions to InnoDB in 5.6.2+. Deleting by PK is still the fastest way, and will be faster when we one day switch to 5.6.x. Read more about the new InnoDB stuff here: InnoDB Page Cleaner Thread

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