Very different business

A quick story – how did I get involved in a very different business.

A childhood friend of mine back in Sweden was once a pretty successful DJ. I guess family happened and it was hard for him to be on the road and away from family – so he started a environmental friendly car care business. Now, we’ve been friends since we were 15-16 or so years old, so I wasn’t really surprised. He was into cars when we were growing up, maybe not as much as I, but a descent amount. We were both into motorcycles as well for a while, but I left that scene after my second real accident. Just didn’t want to be there for a third. Anyway, this business was doing fairly well and attracted an attention, and in the end investors. Investors wanted to grow this business to something that my friend didn’t and they parted ways. At that point, my dear friend had spent a lot of his time getting this business to grow, so parting ways with an investor and splitting up assets is heard and can cause some heartache (after all, a business is your baby).

During this heartache period, my friend reached out to me to run an idea by me. During his time running the car care business, he had come across another individual and made friends. This individual was involved in a small business that needed help from my friend to figure out how to protect their products from UV rays and weathering/fading when exposed to sun prolonged times.

To cut to the point; My friend asked me if I would be interested in helping him and his friend out with a business idea. What could be done to bring it to the next level.

After hearing the idea and giving it some thought I was sold and completely invested in moving it forward. We developed a plan and evolved the products to something very different and very disruptive in a very stale genre.

We are changing and disrupting a business that haven’t seen much change in the past 100 years or so. Now, hold your breath (or not): We are offering fully customized gravestones, headstones and memorials at Nothing new you would think; except how we’re offering them, that they’re engineered, environmental friendly and the U.S Pat. Pending technology used for transferring text/images to them. The U.S Pat. Pending full headstone assembly makes it easier to ship but also cut down the installation costs while making it safer and more solid. The latter is accomplished by our U.S Pat. Pending headstone mounting plate.

How are we offering them? Well, Anyone can design their piece using our user friendly online editor. The final design will look exactly as you see on the screen and order can be placed right away.

We offer a delivery guarantee of as low as 6 weeks when using any of our standard models (of course completely personalized and customized text/images). If you want a shape that is not a part of any of our signature models, we will work with you to create one to your specifications.

Our U.S Pat. Pending digital image transfer technology makes is possible to transfer full color text and images to any surface of the product

We offer a 25 year warranty against any product defects as well as any color fading of text or images

Our products are environmental friendly, safer and lighter than the competition.

Who would have thought I would be a part of a gravestone business. Who would have thought I would engineer these kind of products? it’s interesting how life provides opportunities.

I’m not expecting to spend any time on a day by day basis on this as the others will be running it. I’ve done my tasks – getting it engineered, optimizing production, launched the site..

This doesn’t however take away my passion working with data persistence technology and building successful, efficient teams working with cutting edge technology. I’ve been fortunate to spend my free time on a side project while working at Adobe. If you ever have doubts, give me a shout. My team has been involved in some pretty amazing and intriguing projects. The atmosphere and creativity at the company has definitely helped me increase my creativity both technically and in other ways. We’ve accomplished some pretty amazing stuff and we’re set for even more greatness this year – I am excited!

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