IMAP hosting migration

Long gone are the days where hosted my own websites, email and all. The amount of time it takes to manage that in a safe and stable manner is not worth it when companies have developed all these interfaces for managing your stuff.

For years I had majority of my sites running on surftown. I had a grandfathered plan that was unlimited everything and it cost really nothing compared to others. Then surftown was sold to UnoEuro and service changed to something really odd. Price went up significantly but I just didn’t have the time to move it so I folded and pait the now 3x price for this. Then, UnoEuro was bought by Simply, and price again jacked. For the dozens of sites that I was running there, I was not paying 10x more than what I started out paying in 2005. Needless to say, even tho it’s quite an effort to move – I took the plunge and decided to move. I signed up for siteground gogeek, and moved things over there. I didn’t realize that the promotion price is for your first signup and only signed up for a year. A year passed and the renewal cam up 3x more than the initial price – so I asked if they could give me some discount – NO.

So once again, I am moving everything. This time around I signed up for the max time possible (3 years) and got a decent price. Now, I was also running some company emails on siteground, and didn’t want to just loose all those – so I had to figure out a way to migrate it all.

Turns out there are online tools that are free for that and I migrated 10 or so email accounts in a matter of an hour using Gilles Lamiral’s imapsync. Now, it went so well, that I decided to donate some to this guy. This tool easily saved me half a day of coding my own tool for this move and was super easy. Webinterface – can’t beat that. Check it out here

Sometimes you find something like this and it saves you a bunch of time. I just had to share it.

Good luck with your imap account migrations!

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