I am Robert Krzykawski

I have been working with Open Source in a commercial way since 1998. My main area where i focus on is MySQL and surrounding software/technologies. My first encounter with Databases was MS SQL back in the days. I thought it was interesting but when it was time to choose the database for a “hobby” project i looked around what was out there, and the only free and competent DBMS for our challenge back in 1998 was MySQL. Ever since i have been a MySQL geek. I have done some work with other DBMS’s, and there are other ones who come with a good feature set. I however favor MySQL because it’s fast, it’s lightweight, it’s competent, it’s Open Source and it’s time to market when setting up something new. There are almost always ways to solve problems when in a MySQL environment – Just think outside the box.

This blog is a way of thinking open, share some knowledge and thoughts; that might already be on someone’s mind. If you find something useful here, feel free to drop a comment or email. I am always open to discussions – of the right kind. 🙂

Robert Krzykawski