Massive amount of unpublished posts

Just realized that i have 22 unpublished posts. I have to go through them to see what posts are feasible to keep and publish and which ones to delete. Why do i do stuff like that? I should publish right away..

Speaker at MySQL UC 2009

I together with Anders Karlsson at MySQL/Sun will be speaking about MySQL HA. The title of the talk is MySQL HA, Pros, cons and real world experiences.

We will do a walkthrough of technologies that can be used, pros, cons, common pitfalls and how we solved it at bwin games ab (company i work at).

I will post more information about this later. Just wanted to share my excitement. :)

MySQL UC 2008

I visited MySQL UC 2008 in Santa Clara. It was as usual fun and I met a lot of interesting people. There were 2 other guys from my company attending (Urban and Rickard). My old boss Per did also attend. All in all it was a fun trip. There was a presentation that really stood out of the whole mass, and it was Dick Hardt with his presentation about identity 2.0. This guys presentation technique is really something different. I have tried to find a recording of it online but have been unsuccessful. If i find it later i will add it to this post.

The whole California visit was not only work. I managed to squeeze in a week of vacation to it. Traveled around NoCal, did some shopping and met some friends.

Edit, i found a recording of Dick Hardts presentation:

MySQL UC 2007, Santa Clara – CA

so, i am going to attend the MySQL UC 2007 in Santa Clara, CA – USA next week. I am actually traveling tomorrow so i can get rid of the worst jet-lag til’ the conference starts the 23:rd of april.

Will try to keep something here updated on the way…

Time to hit this baby off.

Plans just dont turn out as you want them to sometimes.. Originally i wanted to use this setup of wordpress to just share stuff.. Well, as time is not your best friend at all times, I have not written many sentences here..

Almost 6 months from when i put it up i have what, 2 posts now?

Things at work are going well, and i am planning a vacation this summer with my girlfriend to actually go to visit some family that i apparently have in Kraków/Poland.

I will also try to renovate the kitchen at the same time. Before we leave off for vacation i will remove everything from the kitchen, and demolish some walls and remove some wardrobes in the hallway.. then i will have a painter spackel and paint the walls and the roof.. I will put new spotlights in the hallway and the kitchen, so a new roof has to be installed..

well, i’ll get back with some more information when i know what i will do completely..

Ongame becomes bwin

The company i started to work for a while back (Ongame) changed it’s name to bwin.. Ongame was bought up by betandwin not long ago (like 6 months or something) and now the whole group is changing their name to bwin.

You can read more about bwin AG at and you can play at

For those who does not know what bwin/betandwin does, they are the biggest online sportsbetting, casino and poker company in Europe. The Swedish branch (where i work) is the division who develops, maintains and operates the poker platform (old ongame e-solutions ab). Our office is located in the center of Stockholm, in the main central station building.

Same company, new name, same work new work.. :S

New job; Ongame E-solutions AB

So i begun my new job at Ongame e-solutions AB today.

My position changed a bit until it was time for me to actually begin (from the time i signed the contract) so i was a little surprised when i got to work.

So, i enter the office, and there is kaos all over. Terrible incident had raged the night…

I was not much of help this day.. I just got there and felt confused because i had no computer no nothing.. just sitting there looking like a goof.. ;)


Just setup this blog software to se if it is something i could use for what i want to save here.. And it seems pretty neat..

What i want to save/post is just general stuff about life and some pictures for family to recap on what they have missed.. Some information about me and maybe a bit of my hobbies..

We’ll se if i stick to it or if i do something else..